Macedonia holds a world record in marijuana imports


“Historic delivery” of 2,125 kilograms (2.1 tons) of marijuana imported from Johannesburg, the capital of the Republic of South Africa, made Macedonia a world record holder in the import of this herb for medical purposes, reads the statement of the American-Canadian company “Instadose Pharma Corp” , the company through which we procured the goods, reports Telma TV.

However, marijuana was destined for Western Europe. The shipment arrived six days before the New Year, and the founder of the company, Grant Sanders, is very excited about the shipment.

“This is a historic delivery and just the beginning of the potential of Instadose Pharma. The delivery confirms both our business model and the company as a world leader in the industry. My vision has always been like this and I am very excited about the significance of the shipment and what is yet to come,” he said in a statement.

The company also announced that this marijuana is intended for Western Europe where it has already been delivered, and was exported to Macedonia in accordance with the license issued in November. It is stated that the company has cooperation with a licensed company in Macedonia, and that it has branches in DR Congo, Portugal, India, Canada, Colombia and Mexico.

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