Government with its inability to provide cheap gas like other countries now puts it at the expense of citizens and municipalities, accuses opposition


If the Government led by Zaev and his pawn Kovachevski, instead of rigging tenders, tried to provide the international market like all governments in the region and the world to provide cheap gas, Macedonian companies and citizens would now not have to pay for the most expensive gas. Citizens now pay more for heating, because the government did not provide low gas prices, when the governments of other countries did, reads VMRO-DPMNE’s press release.

The party made a comparison with Serbia, which pays for gas at a price of 270 euros per cubic meter, Turkey 210 euros, Germany 230 euros.

“Macedonia and Macedonian companies pay a price up to 3 times higher than what these countries and their companies pay, and that is only because of the incompetence of SDSM. That difference of at least 500 euros per cubic meter of gas more, if it was negotiated in time, would not be at the expense of the people and the budget. The government led by Zaev’s pawn Kovachevski, now puts its inability at the expense of the citizens, and that money instead of new investments or gas pipelines will go to pay for expensive gas,” reads the opposition’s press release.



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