Inspectorate writes up firstfines in 2022 for working Sundays


In the first non-working week of the year, on January 2, 2022, 38 inspections were performed by labor inspectors and nine irregularities were found. On January 9, 48 inspections were conducted in which six irregularities were found. Fifteen inspection measures were imposed, one of which is a work ban, due to the determination that the employer did not have the right to work on Sundays, and additionally an undeclared worker was found, said today in the morning briefing the labor inspector LulzimFarizi.

“According to Article 258 of the Law on Labor Relations, a reprimand or order is issued. If he does not obey the order or the warning, a fine is imposed. According to Article 259 of the Law on Labor Relations, the offender may be banned from working if an undeclared worker is found twice in a year. On the other hand, if a work process is found without being reported to be working on Sunday, a work ban of 15 or 30 days will be imposed,” said Farizi.

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