Kovachevski: We have a plan to face the economic and energy crisis


SDSM leader and Prime Minister-designate of the new Government Dimitar Kovachevski in his address before the Members of Parliament said that the new Government has a clear and feasible plan to face the economic and energy crisis and overcome the negative consequences.

“Facing the effects of the pandemic and the energy crisis remains a major challenge for the economy. At the beginning of the mandate, the Government will make an intervention plan to support the population and the economy to deal with the consequences of the energy crisis. This will be done in order to mitigate the negative effects on prices and protect citizens from price shocks,” said Kovachevski.

The PM-designate also referred to the measures that the new government will take in the field of energy, in order to increase production from domestic facilities to reduce the need to import expensive electricity.

“The Government will implement a strategy that will ensure security in the short, medium and long term with the supply of energy and the sustainability of the energy system. The focus on renewable energy sources and the efficient use of available natural resources, such as the sun, wind and water are the basis of the Macedonian energy revolution. Increasing the domestic production of electricity through investments in new green energy infrastructure projects is the right way to ensure the energy independence of the Republic of North Macedonia. In this context, environmental protection remains a top priority as it means ensuring a healthy and secure future for future generations. We are committed to long-term sustainable development based on the careful use of natural resources,” said Kovachevski.


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