Former Foreign Minister: I was forced to resign twice, harmful solutions were accepted in the treaty with Bulgaria


During the building of the country’s positions, I was forced to threaten to resign on two occasions, Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs Nikola Dimitrov told Alsat TV.

“I think the public should know, I mentioned that to some extent. In the battle inside, for building Macedonian common positions, I was forced to threaten to resign on two occasions. If you go outside this line, you will do it without me, and I will go out and make noise,” Dimitrov said.

Dimitrov even pointed out that the final solution with Bulgaria should go to Parliament.

“It was preciselyBujarOsmaniwho said that he does not think that it would be good if the solution went for a vote in Parliament. Even that statement alone is enough for me and makes me question it and that it requires special care,” said Dimitrov, adding that the final solution must go to Parliament.

“Why? The final solution will be approved by the Bulgarian parliament as well,” Dimitrov said.

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