State-owned company to take over the management of the private BEG and Skopje North next week


The leadership of the state energy company AD ESM welcomed the measures taken by the Government and the Energy Regulatory Commission to overcome the crisis with the electricity supply and the crisis with the heat supply, the company said in a press release.

The company adds that ESM continuously expresses readiness and cooperation with the institutions and in the past period has been made available for its additional engagement and inclusion in the averages for overcoming the crisis.

Pursuant to the Decree adopted at a Government session regarding the crisis in the heat supply and the additional decisions that will follow, AD ESM will take over the management of BEG until the end of the crisis with the heating supply.

In the meantime, AD ESM signed an agreement with the Company for production of electricity and heat TE-TO AD Skopje. With that agreement, TE-TO will increase the volume of production of electricity and heat, i.e. it will work with maximum capacity, seven days a week instead of five days as before, i.e. it will meet the maximum installed capacity of 227 megawatts.

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