Leader of “Glasen Tekstilec” tells Bekteshi: Come to Eastern Macedonia to see how we live on minimum wage when prices are skyrocketing


We have a few more days of the month where product prices are frozen and beware that before freezing the prices were raised. Prices were not frozen at the moment when they were lower but when they went up then they were frozen. And it is not possible for you to spend the month normally with so many electricity bills. And we read on social media, we contact people, we know how high the electricity bills are now. So if the minister thinks that a family of four can be supported by a minimum of 15,000 denars, I would like to invite him to come and see what it looks like,” said Kristina Ampeva, president of “Glasen Tekstilec” in a TV interview.

Ampeva invited Minister Bekteshi to Eastern Macedonia to see how people try to survive on a minimum wage at a time when food prices and bills are skyrocketing.

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