SONK demands online classes in second half of school year


The Government and the Ministry of Education and Science to reconsider the decision to start the second semester of primary and secondary education on February 1, primarily due to the serious epidemiological situation in the country, said the Independent Trade Union for Education and Science (SONK), with a proposal to consider an alternative solution for teaching, at least in the first two weeks of the second semester.

SONK president JakimNedelkov says that at a time of high percentage of cases and below zero temperatures, they are not sure that the Government has made the right decision on how to hold classes in the second semester.

“That is why we are looking for alternative ways for learning, and then we will see what the epidemiological situation will be. Initially, we suggest that the classes take place online for two weeks starting February. The teachers have already beentrained, the students know how it works. We know that this is the more difficult way, but for now it is the safest way,” adds the president of SONK.

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