Miloshoski asks Osmani: Why is the content of the non-paper sent to Sofia such a secret?


What I want to address as a critique of this approach, which in my opinion is provisional, is more formal, and it has less substance. Minister Bujar Osmani spoke about building common positions, spoke about maturity, respect and mutual trust. As if we have confidence as MPs elected by the people, MPs elected the government and the government does not want to share with us a non-paper that was sent to Sofia in December, asked VMRO-DPMNE MP Antonio Miloshoski at Friday’s parliamentary committee for foreign policy.

How to build those positions in which you have written your opinion, an expert has supplemented that opinion and you give us neither the right nor the confidence as MPs to give a suggestion for that Non-paper that we want to be in accordance with the Declaration which this Parliament has adopted. The state gives us full confidence by giving us state certificates to have access to every state secret, no matter how classified that document is, and if the state has given us confidence, then why not give us a politician who runs a state institution trust. Maybe you don’t trust me, maybe Nikola Dimitrov does not trust you, maybe the citizens don’t trust the government, but why shouldn’t you not trust SDSM and DUI MPs, and they are MPs and they voted for you, at least share with them what is in that non-paper,” says Miloshoski.

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