The Law on Accounting provides for state intrusion into businesses


The procedure for enactment of the Law on Accounting with a European Flag started in the Parliament today. As usual, the Commission for European Affairs and laws in the field of other working bodies are being abused and are being reviewed in an accelerated procedure, said VMRO-DPMNE MP Bojan Stojanoski on Wednesday.

According to the opposition MP, the Law on Accounting provides state intrusion into businesses.

“The Government establishes a Council for promotion and supervision of the accounting profession consisting of five members, three of which are proposed by the Minister of Finance. This Council in its competencies has the authority to control the work of accountants, i.e. accounting firms and sole proprietors accountants. Such provisions are extremely non-European and are associated with another state system in which the work of the private sector is completely controlled,” said Stojanoski in the Parliament.

After the adoption of the Law, as he said, a change will be made in the management of the Institute of all accountants, and the new acting the president will be elected by an ad hoc commission set up by the Council formed by the Government.

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