There was manipulation with the number of COVID-19 deaths, says Commission for Infectious Diseases spokesperson


Yesterday 22 COVID-19 deaths were registered, and an additional 12 deaths were added to the report. There are various speculations in the public about why there are two reports on the number of deaths. Dr. Zlate Mehmedovikj, spokesperson for the Commission for Infectious Diseases as an advisory body to the Minister of Health, told a TV political show.

It is a report on deaths of the Ministry of Health, which is not in real time, but made after reports from family doctors. It is about slow administration and nothing more. Everything can be hidden, but it cannot be hidden when someone dies, said Dr. Mehmedovikj.

When asked why there are worrying numbers of deaths in Macedonia, Dr. Mehmedovikj said that all numbers will be reviewed.

“Yes, it is true that the numbers were manipulated, but this will be discussed at the Commission for Infectious Diseases. The fact is that our country is on the sixth or seventh place in the world in terms of the number of deaths,” said the spokesperson.

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