Skopje and Sofia to discuss timetable for resolving “4 + 1” package next week


A new round of talks between the foreign ministers of Macedonia and Bulgaria will be held next week in Sofia, where a new timetable for the so-called 4 + 1 package will be agreed.

Macedonian Foreign Minister BujarOsmani confirmed on Saturday that he will be in Sofia on February 10th or 11th, and that the positions of both sides and Bulgaria’s package of demands will be put on the table. Without saying when and in what way, Osmani once again confirmed that the Bulgarians will be enshrined in the Constitution, but under the motto – nothing has been agreed until the entire package has been agreed.

“It is important that all issues and those that are important to us and those of Bulgaria are interconnected and within a timetable within an agreed package. Because only in that way I think we will have guarantees that we are closing this issue here and we will not talk further. This includes our positions and those of Bulgaria,” Osmani said.

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