Certificates for COVID-19 recovery will be valid for six months


The validity of the certificates for COVID-19recovery has been extended. In the past, critics were loud that 45 days validity of certificates is illogical to the authorities, and the new composition of the Commission for Infectious Diseases at the second meeting decided to recommend 180 days or six months to validate the document that serves as proof that the person has recently recovered from COVID-19. Unlike this document, the vaccination certificate is more relevant in some countries that already abolish it as a valid document. The Commission is not yet ready to recommend anything, given that the virus is spreading rapidly across the country during this period.

Two vaccines may already be insufficient because the immunity fades after six months and therefore the emphasis should be on booster doses, recommends Professor AleksandarPetlichkovski. From the position of chair of the Commission for Infectious Diseases, he said that he is still not considering the introduction of mandatory vaccination for certain categories of citizens.


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