Prilep hospital used up its last batch of fuel oil, hospital rooms are warmed up with heaters


The Prilep hospital works with minimal quantities of fuel oil and consumed its last quantities. The rooms in the hospital are kept warm by heaters.

According to director of the Prilep General Hospital Keti Smileska, this situation is due to the delay in the delivery of fuel oil from the supplier. About 60 patients are hospitalized in the hospital, half of whom are COVID-19 patients in the clinic of infectious diseases, but Smileska says that the premises are kept warm. She hopes, however, that the situation will be resolved today.

“I cannot say for what reasons the delivery of fuel oil from the supplier is late. The tender was completed on time, we do not have any debts, but the delivery from the supplier is late. We are heating the rooms with electric heaters and we are waiting and we hope that the fuel oil will arrive today. We have hospitalized about 60 patients, 30 of whom are with COVID-19 in the infectious diseases department, the rooms are kept warm,” says Smileska.

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