Kumanovo Mayor demands security services to monitor the Jewish cult in the city


Kumanovo Mayor Maksim Dimitrievski in an interview with TV24 says that the large Jewish sect that suddenly settled in this city is welcome if it follows the rules and regulations, but the citizens are upset because they move in large groups and dress unconventionally.

“Kumanovo is a multicultural city, we are used to diversity, I received a large number of messages from citizens who want me to get involved on this issue. We have visitors who dress differently and move in groups. It is a sect that originated in Israel. They are welcome in Kumanovo if they respect the regulations and rules in the city,” said the Kumanovo Mayor.

“Walking in groups and dressing unconventionally is strange, but the Ministry of Interior is the body that gives a temporary residence permit. Within 48 hours, if you are not accommodated in a hotel, you must report to the regional department of the Ministry of Interior, or the hotel services must report you if you are in a hotel. I have information that these people plan to leave Kumanovo in a short period of time, but we have security services that should follow this process. Ex officio, the commander and the chief should at least verbally inform me about what is happening, but unfortunately cooperation is at a very low level. From what I know, they are located in the settlement” GoceDelchev” in private households,” said Dimitrievski.

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