Price increase by 7.3 percent in just one year


The cost of living in January increased by 1.5 percent and retail prices by 1.2 percent compared to December, the State Statistical Office announced on Tuesday.

The cost of living increased by 4.3 percent for coffee, tea and cocoa, 3.5 percent for fish and seafood, 3.4 percent for fresh fruit, 2.6 percent for beer and 2.6 percent for wine. mineral water, carbonated beverages, juices, sugar, honey, chocolate and confectionery.

There is also an increase in central heating by 14 percent and electricity for households by 9.4 percent.

There is a decrease in the cost of living in air passenger transport by 8.4 percent, recording media by 4.2 percent, footwear by 1.7 percent, paramedical services by 1.2 percent, information processing equipment, travel arrangements, etc.

Compared to January last year, there is an increase of 6.7 percent in the cost of living, and by 7.3 percent in retail prices.

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