The reason Skopje was left without electricity on Sunday has been determined


 The defect caused by the transmission line behind me left more than half of Skopje without electricity. The authorities say that the reason was not the human factor, and the citizens say what they faced in the period when they did not have electricity, said Alsat journalist Mefail Ismaili.

Some, in addition to running out of electricity, were left without heating.

“There was nothing, there was no heating, there was no energy, nothing… No, in that period there was no internet… it happens, but in the 21st century it is not allowed,” said a citizen.

The state energy company MEPSO, which is in charge of the transmission of electricity, states that according to initial information, the defect was caused by the insulator of the transmission line Bunardzik – Skopje 4, in the substation. Human factor was not the cause.

“Isolator of a high voltage transmission line caught fire, due to which the grass and vegetation under the transmission line were burned at the place where the defect occurred, but also near the substation in the settlement Pintija. Protection systems responded in a timely manner by shutting down power lines and transformers at the substation to prevent further damage,” said MEPSO Director Orhan Murtezani.

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