Retirees demand that pensions be adjusted to the average wage


Return of the parameter for harmonization of pensions with the increase of the average salary and support for all pensioners who will be with a scaled amount, demands the Pensioners’ Union from the confederation of free trade unions.

This request, according to the union, stems from the poor condition caused by the economic, health and energy crisis, in which the pensioners are.Hence, they remind that the parameter for adjusting the pensions according to the growth of the average salary is omitted from the current Law with its amendment in 2018.

“Since then, pensions have been more stagnant than growing (minimum growth according to the cost of living index). Before the amendment to the Law in 2018, the ratio of the average pension to the average net paid salary in the country was over 60 percent. If we take as an example, the paid average salary for November 2021 (according to the SSO), the average pension should be 17,478 denars “, says the Pensioners’ Union.

The Pensioners’ Union believes that Article 37 of the Law on PIORSM should be amended to harmonize the pensions that will cover the parameters: the increase of the average paid salary and the increase of the living costs, which will enable regular adjustment of the pensions and will provide a dignified life for retirees.

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