COVID-19 screening in several primary schools in Skopje kicks off – five thousand parents have given their consent


COVID-19 screening in schools has started on Friday. The first phase regarding obtaining and processing the consent of the parents has been completed. There is great interest for participation in the screening and so far about 5,000 consents have been received from parents of children in primary schools in Skopje, informs the Ministry of Health.

Based on the obtained consents, a plan and schedule for realization of the field screening has been made and it is already performed in several primary schools in Skopje. The screening continues on Monday.

Within the first phase, the schools on the territory of the city of Skopje will be included, and medical teams from the Center for Public Health and the Health Center Skopje will be included.

All screening activities take place in constant coordination with the Ministry of Education and Science.

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