Family doctors go on strike – no examination appointments via “Moj Termin”


Family doctors in the country on Friday will not work with patients via the “Moj Termin” (“My Appointment”) app, but only in emergencies. This is a protest of the doctors from the small communities and the ambulances with a small number of patients, who are facing the possibility of a shutdown, because with the existing capitation they can barely survive.

“Since 2018 we are paid only 65 denars (1 EUR) per patient. Out of these funds we need to pay a nurse with at least the newly increased minimum wage of 300 EUR a month, and to pay the increased energy bills. Doctors in smaller cities are forced to close their practice, said Lilija Cholakova-Dervishova, head of the ZPLM association of general practitioners.

The ZPLM head says that the dissatisfaction of the family doctors has accumulated in the past period, there were different opinions on how to express themselves and they decided to protest. A meeting is scheduled with the Deputy Minister of Health this afternoon.

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