The Law on Teachers and Professional Associates is not good, has several articles that are discriminatory and allows politicization and partisanship


This law for teachers and professional associates is bad because there are several articles that we consider to be discriminatory where politicization and partisanship are allowed and they have nothing to do with the salary of teachers and professional associates, said the chair of the Education and Science Committee of VMRO-DPMNE Vesna Janevska in an interview with Alfa TV.

One of the most problematic and confusing members of the public is the employment of teachers for an indefinite period of time without passing a professional exam. While now teachers have to spend 2 years in the education system, one of which is considered as an internship and work under mentorship,” said Janevska.

The chair added that in this law, the new employees are employed for an indefinite period of time from the very beginning, so they will pass the procedures and take a professional exam, and if they do not pass, they will be fired.

Janevska stressed that if this way of quality control in education is lost, there will be no motivation. The situation we are in is a result of ignorance, not reaching the qualities that education should give to students during the education process.

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