Mickoski: Macedonia was created by the zeal for freedom and justice and that is why we support Ukraine


Macedonia needs unity as a nation because Macedonia is a country created by the zeal for freedom and justice and that is why the country supports Ukraine, a declaration of peace in Ukraine and protection of its integrity should be adopted in the Parliament, says VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski at Saturday’s event “Changes that bring future – 100 days of local government account of VMRO-DPMNE” held in Veles.

“We all have a responsibility to the citizens themselves, and that is why I am really sorry that I can no longer do anything to prevent what is happening there. If I could, I would do my best to convince those politicians who today decide whether some human lives will last longer and some shorter. I am sorry that I am not so powerful in geostrategic terms to do that, but one thing I know is that peace and diplomacy, and diplomatic negotiations and talks, must be given a chance. Because that is the future for all of us,” Mickoski said.

The opposition leader stresses that on the other hand, while there is such an accident, where there are hundreds killed, where lives are lost, where people panicked for their lives are saved, the government, this one here, led by SDSM counts ‘likes’ on social media, makes a policy of who was on which side.

Mickoski stressed that in addition to the Declaration on Ukraine, a Declaration on the great Goce Delchev must be adopted, which SDSM persistently refuses to support.


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