For 60% of Macedonian citizens the threat of COVID-19 is excessive, half of them believe in the effectiveness of vaccines


Two years after the first COVID-19 cases, people seem to be getting used to living with a pandemic. However, global public opinion now seems more critical of the idea of ​​sacrificing human rights (a reduction of 10 percentage points), although the willingness to sacrifice human rights in the fight against the virus still prevails.

These are some of the main findings of a new global survey on coronavirus attitudes, conducted by the Gallup International Association at the end of 2021, which includes about 42,000 adults from 45 countries around the world, including N. Macedonia.

When asked if the coronavirus vaccines are really effective, N. Macedonia finds itself within the world average, with almost half (49%) of respondents who said they agree with this statement, 43% disagree, and 5% didn’t give an answer to this question.

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