ERC: Macedonia has the lowest price of diesel in the region


The price of EURODIESEL fuel in the first week of March is the lowest in the country and is 1,221 euros per liter, and the highest price is paid in Greece of EUR 1,621, then in Albania of 1,609 euros, then Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria and Bosnia and Herzegovina, show the results of data analysis in 11 countries in the region, informs the Energy and Water Services Regulatory Commission (ERC).

As ERC points out, the average price of diesel in the region is EUR 1,419, and in our country the price is lower by 13.953 percent.

When it comes to gasoline EUROSUPER BS-95 only in Bulgaria and Bosnia and Herzegovina it is priced at a price slightly lower than in Macedonia, with a discount in the first or second decimal place. It costs EUR 1,361 in Macedonia, which is a lower price than in Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Romania and Hungary.

The average price of gasoline in the region is EUR 1,463, and in our country it is lower by 6,972 percent.

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