Higher fuel prices expected as of Monday


Oil prices have continued to rise rapidly as traders fear that supplies of “black gold” from Russia will fall in the coming months due to Western sanctions and the withdrawal of Western oil companies from the country.

For one barrel, the price on the London market rose by 3.09 percent, to $ 116.42. At one point it reached $ 118.22, a new record high for more than seven years.

In the US market the price turned more expensive by 2.43 percent, and rose up to $ 113.30.

The stock exchange in London is a reference for Macedonia and the drastic increase in prices guarantees that for the 14th week in a row we will have a significant increase in the retail prices of oil derivatives. For this week, the price jump in Macedonia is expected to be quite high.

The price of gas in Europe broke the all-time record, with the price jumping in just a few hours from the start of trading on Wednesday, by more than $ 500 to over $ 2,200 per thousand cubic meters.

The euro exchange rate is moving close to the lowest levels since May 2020.

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