Osmani: No one is against the Russian people, but against Russia’s aggressive policy


Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani said Thursday that no one was against the Russian people, but against the aggressive policy of the Russian government.

“There is no nation that commits aggression, it is usually a government that ends its people, we must have a clear position on the Russian government. With the support of Ukraine, we support our country, the right of each country to choose its own priorities,” Osmani said.

The Foreign Minister considers the ridicule of state officials and institutions during the Russian aggression in Ukraine to be a kind of hybrid threat.

“When we defined the hybrid threats, one of the hybrid threats we defined was ridicule of the institutions. When the Foreign Ministry says leave a country, you have to believe it. Unaware, the citizens enter into such instruments of harm to the state, that is why we demand a lot of caution in this part,” said Osmani.



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