120 Macedonian citizens evacuated from Ukraine so far


A total of 120 people have been evacuated from Ukraine so far, some of whom are Ukrainian citizens and their families, Foreign Minister BujarOsmani said at Monday’s briefing, noting that a group of citizens will arrive at the Deve Bair border crossing in an hour, including the family with the newborn.

“20 of them used our call to leave the country before February 24, before the start of the conflict. 43 of our citizens are in active evacuation, which means that they have left their homes and are on their way out of Ukraine, an hour ago seven citizens left the country, said Osmani.

The minister added that some of our citizens left Ukraine, but went to Poland and decided to stay there, intending to return to Ukraine at the earliest opportunity. There are also citizens who have nothing in Macedonia, except Macedonian citizenship who have decided to stay in Poland or neighboring countries.


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