Over 60 percent of high school students confirm that violence is common in schools


Figures from a survey conducted by Analytica Think-Tank on school violence are overwhelming, namely 63 percent of students say that violence happens often, and only 20 percent said it happens rarely.

“The research included students from high schools who are of mixed ethnic composition, from different ethnic communities, who despite being educated together, with the desire to participate in the questionnaire demonstrate a desire to be involved in solving the problem, and it is violent behavior in children and its prevention,” said BojanaMijovikj-Hristovska of the Analytica Think-Tank.

Mijovikj-Hristovska adds that only five percent of students said they had not witnessed violence.

“What is very important is that 70 percent of the students say that despite witnessing violence, they did not report it for a number of reasons, the most important of which are that they do not know who to report to and the fear that if they report they will be the next victim of violence “, points out Mijovikj-Hristovska.

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