Kovachevski promises “strong support” for citizens and the economy


We direct the money where it is most needed – for financial support of citizens and companies. The only priority at the moment is to protect the standard of the citizens and to maintain economic stability, Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski wrote on social media on Thursday.

In his statement, Kovachevski emphasizes that “we live in a time of great global economic crisis”, but that “with all previous policies, measures and responsible governance, the new government in just 50 days has shown that it can and can handle the challenges”.

“We strongly subsidize the citizens for electricity which would be 80% more expensive if there are no subsidies, we solved the problem with heating in Skopje, we support the financially vulnerable categories of citizens for electricity and purchase of basic products, and through a series of measures we maintain the prices of basic products stable. With the new package of 26 measures, we direct 400 million euros from the budget to support the citizens and companies”, wrote Kovachevski.

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