Macedonian companies working for the German car industry might be forced to halt production


The head of the board of the Macedonian-German Economic Association, i.e. the delegation of the German economy, informed that the automotive industry is in a great crisis and German manufacturers are forced to stop their production.

It will have direct consequences for the Macedonian companies that work with the German ones, i.e. they are also threatened with stopping the production, points out Patrick Martens.

“We are all shocked by the war that has broken out against Ukraine and the suffering inflicted on the Ukrainian people. From now on we have to face the unexpected shocks that will hit the economy. German manufacturers in the automotive industry are forced to stop their production. This will have direct consequences for the companies producing from the automotive industry in North Macedonia. Due to force majeure, they threaten to stop the production of the automotive manufacturers that are part of the international supply chain in North Macedonia. In Ukraine, 30,000 jobs were affected by German companies and 10,000 by other international investors in the automotive industry,” Martens wrote in a letter to the public.

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