Government spent over 2 million euros on luxury in a few months – 50,000 euros just for coffee  


The Government has spent over 2 million euros on luxury alone in the past few months after knowing there would be a crisis. Unproductive spending instead of anti-crisis measures. From before the New Year onwards, the Government has spent almost 200,000 euros only for hotel services – VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Dimche Arsovski accused on Sunday.

Arsovski added that the Parliament for mobile telephones and services in recent months has signed an agreement worth approximately 200,000 euros.

“Imagine, in the midst of such a crisis, the General Affairs Office (SOZR) spends as much as 50,000 euros for cut flowers. Nobody even knows how and where those flowers ended up. Then they spent about 40,000 euros on cutlery,” the spokesperson said, adding that the peak had been reached with the supply of coffee.

Three million denars or 50,000 euros are allocated for the purchase of coffee through SOZR only for the needs of this Government.

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