Osmani-Petkov meeting in Antalya: We need unequivocal messages as a guarantor for the European perspective of the countries in the region


In continuation of the participation in the Antalya Diplomatic Forum, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Bujar Osmani met with the Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria Kiril Petkov.

The meeting focused on the military conflict in Ukraine and how it will be reflected in relation to the security situation in the region of the Western Balkans and Europe, where Osmani stressed:

“We need clear and unambiguous messages as a guarantor of the European perspective of the countries in the region. Our European integration is becoming a security issue and only a positive step in this direction will contribute to the general security and safety of the entire European continent.

Regarding the package of political issues, it was emphasized that direct communication at the political and expert level is an effective method and as such will continue to be used in the context of deepening relations and raising the level of political dialogue”.

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