Four Macedonian nationals and their Ukrainian partners are seeking evacuation from Ukraine


Eight more citizens, four Macedonian and four Ukrainian citizens, partners of the Macedonian nationals, demand to be evacuated from Ukraine, informed Minister of Foreign Affairs Bujar Osmani at Tuesday’s press briefing.

“Out of the 120 mapped and contacted citizens, about 80 percent have already been evacuated, there are eight citizens who are requesting evacuation, and they are still in Ukraine. Four of them are Macedonian citizens, four are Ukrainian citizens, but related to the Macedonian nationals. There are about 20 other Macedonian citizens, but they do not ask for evacuation,” Osmani said.

The foreign minister added that the ministry is trying to evacuate these eight citizens, and for the other 20, as he said, they will not make efforts to evacuate them until they receive a request from them that they wish to be evacuated.

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