National Bank Governor: Control of exchange offices in the field intensified to prevent speculative behavior


The National Bank already has intensified control over the operation of exchange offices in order, as they say, to prevent speculative behavior of certain exchange offices, says Governor Anita Angelovska-Bezhoska in a statement for MIA, and points out that the National Bank is intensifying inspections of the exchange offices, as well as that according to the regulations, they are not allowed to keep the foreign exchange currencies and continue to do exchange office work.

Such behavior can be sanctioned, including by revoking the work permit, said the governor.

“We will not allow unnecessary spreading panic and creating fictitious pressures on the foreign exchange market, due to someone’s personal interests and irresponsible behavior. There is foreign exchange on the market. Foreign exchange reserves are stable and high and amount to 3.5 billion euros. Banks also have their own foreign currency, and do exchange work. In fact, any citizen who wants to buy can buy as much foreign currency as they want in the banks,” said Angelovska-Bezhoska.

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