HIF: Frequent misuse of donations for medical treatment abroad


The Health Insurance Fund has reacted due to the more frequent abuse by citizens who collect donations for medical treatment abroad.

Recently, there has been an influx of requests circulating on social media with a request for citizens to show solidarity and help with the payment via telephone numbers for donation or directly to a bank account.

The HIF explains that this is a collection of donations for cases where no conciliatory opinion was submitted at all, i.e. no treatment was requested at the expense of the Fund.

It often happens that the HIF is abused because the requests are circulated with the excuse that “the Fund has not approved”, even though the patient did not submit documents to the HIF at all, and thus did not seek treatment abroad through the Fund. This not only abuses the institution, the Health Insurance Fund, but also manipulates the citizens. The Fund is familiar with several cases that in this way collect funds from citizens. One of the series is the case where 16,500 euros are requested for emergency surgery of a 13-year-old girl at the Institute of Orthopedics in Banjica,” reads the press release.

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