Uniforms of special unit “Tigers’ will not be bilingual, claims Spasovski


Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski claims that according to the Decree recently adopted by the Government, there will be bilingual emblems only for the services at the local level, where the official language is Albanian.

The emblems, he stressed, will not be bilingual for central services and state-level units.

“At the local level, this refers to the emblems of the uniform at the local level in cities where the official language is Albanian. So, there will be no change in the central services that refer to the whole country in the area of ​​uniforms, accordingly to the “Tigers” unit and the Rapid Deployment Unit,” said Spasovski in response to a media question.

The minister adds that a period of one year is left for implementation because there is a procedure for spending budget money.

Spasovski says that the adopted Decree stems from the Law on the Use of Languages.

“We had to observe those steps and that is why the legislation in this part has changed. We had a year period of harmonization to carry out the procedures. So, this is a normal work that is being done, there is nothing new in this area that would cause any other problems,” said the Minister of Interior.

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