Nikoloski: Bulgaria can prove that it does not deny Macedonia if it withdraws its veto and guarantees the independence of the Macedonian people


VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski referred to the reaction that arrived from Bulgaria regarding the comparisons of Ukraine with Macedonia.

Nikoloski said that if they had listened carefully to his address to the Council of Europe, he would not have pointed out only Bulgaria, but said that the Macedonian people are being challenged by their neighbors, who are more powerful and bigger.

“That is the tragedy of the Macedonian people, who have been persecuted and disputed for centuries. It was persecuted during the Balkan Wars, it was persecuted during the Greek civil war in Aegean Macedonia, and of course the independence of the Macedonian people is questioned, the existence of the Macedonian language is denied and the independence of the Macedonian Orthodox Church is denied,” said Nikoloski.

The opposition vice president added that these are the foundations of negation by the neighboring countries and because of that some neighbors recognized themselves and said that if they want, they have a chance to prove that what he says is not true, by coming out on Monday and saying that will not veto the beginning of Macedonia’s accession talks with the European Union.


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