Airlines return to pre-pandemic times with the summer flight schedule


With the summer flight schedule, which starts on the 28th of March, besides the new Skopje-Sofia airline, several routes that functioned before the COVID-19 pandemic are returning to the airports in the country.

The return of Polish LOT with the line to Warsaw is also expected. Simultaneously with the entry into force of the summer flight schedule, construction activities for the reconstruction of the runway begin at the Skopje airport.

“Every airline before the introduction of a line makes detailed analysis and assessments of its sustainability, costs and revenues, so I believe that in this case is no exception,” said MetinBatak, when asked about the sustainability of the new airline.

Batak points out that the consequences of the COVID-19 crisis are still being felt globally and that it will take at least another two to three years for the recovery of air traffic worldwide.

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