Companies related to Zaev failed avoided to pay over a million euros in taxes


The companies “Sara Engineering”, “Sara Javor” and “Dravas”, the most famous companies that are associated with the family name Zaev, owe over 1 million euros in tax, owed to the state. According to the March list of debtors, the company “Dravas” owes over 43,230,000 denars, “Sara Engineering” owes over 19,104,000 denars, “Sara Javor” about 2,190,000 denars. The three companies owe a total debt of over 64,500,000 denars.Over one million euros in debt to the state! The companies related to Zaevi are regularly on the list of debtors to the PRO, VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson NaumStoilkovski told the media on Thursday.

He pointed out that SDSM is pushing the country from crisis to crisis, there is no money for subsidies, no money for help, even the help they gave to traders is demanded back, and companies that are associated with family companies underthe name Zaev – are allowed to owe tax.

The opposition party spokesperson added that Macedonia cannot stand yet another day of such behavior, citizens can no longer be divided into privileged and second-class citizens.

“Early elections are cheaper than one more day spent with SDSM in power,” Stoilkovskiclaims.

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