Vasko Kovachevski as an official in the energy sector came to a fortune of 26 million


Vasko Kovachevski went from a slacker to an official in the energy sector, to a millionaire, with assets worth over 26 million, said Mile Lefkov, opposition MP and member of VMRO-DPMNE’s EC at Friday’s press conference.

“If we look at Vasko Kovacevski’s list of personal assets, we come to the logical conclusion that before 2019 he did not have real estate or a car in his name or in the name of his wife. All that changes in 2019, which is the year when Vasko Kovachevski becomes director of JSC ELEM. It is a year in which Kovachevski acquires two business premises in Bitola, two apartments in the city, a yard and land. While in 2020 he will buy a Seat SUV. In 2019, Kovachevski acquires a business space of 5 million and 900 thousand denars with a total area of ​​318 m2 in Bitola and another business space worth 8 million and 900 thousand denars with an area of ​​134 m2. He also bought real estate for which he did not state whether it is agricultural or construction land in CM Dikovo in the total value of 1.5 million denars, and reported a yard of 1,700 m2, which he also acquired in 2019, and is worth 1.4 million denars “, says Lefkov and adds:” Kovachevski also drives a Jeep Seat Arona with a year of production 2020 which costs 22 thousand euros. That same year, Kovachevski acquired two apartments in Bitola, one of ​​110 m2 and a total value of 2.5 million denars and the other of ​​124 m2 worth 4.5 million denars,” said Leffkov.


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