73.5 percent of public sector employees are Macedonians, 20.3 percent Albanians


The public sector in North Macedonia has 132 thousand employees, of which 73.58 percent are Macedonians and 20.35 percent are Albanians, according to the Report on Public Employees 2021, presented today by the Minister of Information Society and Public Administration AdmirimAliti. Other employees are Turks (1.95%), Roma (1.19%), Serbs (1.07%), Bosniaks (0.49%) and Vlachs (0.43%).

Compared to the previous year, the number of employees in the public sector has increased by 905. But, says Aliti, only 15,302 are employed in the state administration bodies and there is a decrease of 643 employees. Most employees in the public sector are in education (33%), followed by health (19%), administration (13%), communal activities (9%), child protection and social policy (7%)…

According to the report, the public sector employs more women (55.3%) than men (44.37%). The average age of public sector employees is 46 years of age.

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