SSO denies VMRO-DPMNE’s request for additional census of 132,000 Macedonian nationals


Following the request of VMRO-DPMNE for an additional census in which about 132,000 boycotters will have the opportunity to additionally enter their ethnicity, the director of the Statistical Office ApostolSimovski said that it will not happen.

“Once the database is closed, it must not be reopened and intervened in by adding data,” Simovski said.

He acknowledged that the boycott of such a large percentage of the population of Macedonia – about 7 percent of the population – affects the outcome of the operation, but will not allow changing the percentages that showed that Macedonians fell to about 54 to 58 percent of total citizens, i.e. residents, and Albanians held on to just under 25 percent of Macedonia’s population, and jumped to 30 percent of the total population. It is considered that most of the boycotters are ethnic Macedonians.

These persons entered the data on resident population, but for them there is no data on ethnicity, religion and mother tongue.

“Ethnicity is a feeling, it is not something that can be documented, so for these people the issue of ethnicity, mother tongue and religion will not be there,” said the SSO head ApostolSimovski on Wednesday.


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