Mickoski wins two defamation lawsuits – against SDSM and against Integra’s Ljupcho Ristovski  


 The Basic Civil Court in Skopje upheld the defamation lawsuits filed by VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski.

Mickoski won the legal battles against SDSM and Integra party leader Ljupcho Ristovski in court.

In the court verdict in the case against SDSM, the court ruled that the party on its official side, and in front of the general public with the intention to damage the honor and reputation of the plaintiff, presented untrue facts that “Mickoski is in eternal debt to Gruevski. He must protect it and do as Gruevski wants. Mickoski’s policies are the policies of Nikola Gruevski”.

The court also found that SDSM insulted Mickoski by telling lies and damaging his reputation and honor by stating that “Mickoski is a pawn who got rich thanks to his boss and mentor”.

In addition to the lawsuit filed against SDSM, Mickoski also won the lawsuit for defamation and insult against Ljupcho Ristovski of the Integra political party in court.

The court found that the defendant Ristovski, in order to damage Mickoski’s reputation, presented untruths that VMRO-DPMNE and the leadership were against the Macedonian national interests.

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