SONK head: The strike will last until our demands are met


We are in favor of a dialogue and we have shown and proved that we are a constructive union and before that we want to overcome misunderstandings and problems at a common table with dialogue. Namely, four years ago we demanded that this problem with continuous increase of the minimum wage at the national level be harmonized with the law on minimum wage, so that all wages in the country, and not only the socially disadvantaged category of workers, continuously monitor the growth at the minimum wage, says SONK head Jakim Nedelkov in yesterday’s interview with Sitel TV News.

Nedelkov says that despite four years of begging for social dialogue, there is still no response from the government and line ministries to overcome this situation.

According to Nedelkov, the answer that the economic situation in the country is bad is unacceptable, adding that the crisis affects them and that with these salaries they take seriously affects the family budget.

Nedelkov says that he does not believe that the government will respect Article 8 of the law on minimum wage because, as he said in the past years, we have never had a harmonization of wages under this article.

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