Lack of construction lots dramatically increased the price of apartments in Skopje


 The price of apartments in the capital is skyrocketing. In the municipalities of Centar and Karposh the price has reached 1,600 euros per square meter, and soon it can go up to 2,000 euros, the construction companies warn. According to the companies, the lack of sufficient locations for construction in attractive zones, blocking of detailed urban plans in some municipalities, as well as the failure to adopt new detailed urban plans for establishing new locations in the municipalities are the main reasons for stagnation in the construction sector.

“There are no new buildings, everything has been stopped and that is why the price of real estate is increasing,” said the chambers of commerce.

The “dizzying” growth, as qualified by the real estate business owners, is due to the lack of sufficient locations for construction, blocked detailed urban plans and the failure to bring new ones, the increase in the price of construction materials (from 20 to 100 percent), but also the labor force, which is increasingly going abroad to find work.


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