Family physicians go out to protest in demand for more funds


Increasing the capitation point, changing the way of prescribing drugs for chronically ill patients, introducing new drugs, as well as a new way of paying doctors in primary health care and laboratories, demanded the family physicians who protested in front of the Ministry of Health on Thursday.

The doctors announced that they will not examine patients today, and a multi-day strike will start tomorrow.

President of the Association of Private Doctors Lilija Cholakova Dervishova stressed that the protest is the last cry for help of the private family physicians.

“We gave enough time for the groups to form, but they did not work. We are asking for an increase in the capitation point, which four years ago was increased to 63 denars per patient and since then we do not receive any additional funds, and everything is more expensive, fuel, electricity, living costs,” said Dr. Cholakova-Dervishova.

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