Mickoski on the dispute with Bulgaria: Due to that “just this last one thing” we are choking on all that we had to endure, and we can’t join Europe without our identity


It is really unclear why Bulgaria is happy and the Government of Macedonia is silent. It is also unclear what was the reason for what both sides describe as a move in the talks, to finally tell us that they agreed on a joint celebration of Tsar Samuel. The same was announced by Zaev that he agreed on this two years ago, said VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski in his address before the Union of Young Forces regarding the dispute with Bulgaria.

Mickoski says that ‘now the Government, playing the short-term memory card, wants to tell us that we should be happy again for selling something that they have already sold back in 2019.’

“And at the same time, when will Kovachevski be asked when is the date for accession talks with the EU? He will answer that he does not tie himself to dates. Kovachevski may not want to tie himself to dates, but he does not seem to tie himself to promises either, because the party whose leader he is in power came to power under the promise that the EU would come immediately and now. And we see that with SDSM there is no EU, and there is no future, but only crime and tenders,” Mickoski said.

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