MoI reveals the identity of the three suspects in the Tot murder- one person is on the run, the youngest is only 19 years old!


Regarding the case of the deceased D.T. (28) after the provided recordings and additional measures and activities by the Police Department – Skopje, the following facts were established.

On April 7, 2022, around 03:30 am, in front of a night club located in the City Park, there was a verbal argument between D.T. (28) from the Republic of Croatia, with temporary residence in RNM and the persons A.Lj. (28), K.L. (19) and A.K. (22) all from Skopje, during which the three attacked him and hit DT on the head, from which he fell with his head back on the asphalt and lost consciousness.

The person was transferred by the Emergency Medical Service to the Emergency Center at the Clinics “Mother Teresa” where he was given medical assistance with resuscitation and was placed on a respirator, in critical condition.

According to the doctors, the injured person had a heart attack and was in danger of death. He succumbed to his injuries Friday afternoon.

The on-duty public prosecutor from the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office in Skopje was informed about the event and on his order the body of the deceased was handed over for autopsy.

At the same time, videos from security cameras – Safe City and the night club were provided, and EUMNA at the SIA Skopje picked up objects from the deceased that will be handed over to the Ministry of Interior for expertise.

On April 8, 2022, in the premises of ENK at the Skopje Police Department, in the presence of the defense counsel, an official interrogation was conducted with several persons, including two of the suspects.

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