Two male and one female assailants kicked and punched Denis to death, even though he was down and unconscious!


After receiving the notification from the Ministry of Interior for a criminal event with fatal consequences, the Public Prosecutor from the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office – Skopje, in order to investigate all the circumstances in order to clear up the case issued a series of orders, as follows: An order to autopsy the body of the deceased, an order to provide videos from security cameras – Safe City and the nightclub, as well as to hear more people who witnessed the event and can provide information needed for the investigation.

Based on the surveillance videos, three persons were identified for whom the prosecutor in question after receiving the criminal charges will issue an Order for conducting an investigation procedure, due to reasonable suspicion that the suspects, including a woman (19), committed the crime Murder under Article 123 paragraph 1 in Article 22 of the CC. Two of the suspects have been deprived of liberty and today they will be brought before a judge in a preliminary procedure at the Basic Criminal Court Skopje, while the police search for the primary suspect that is inaccessible to the law enforcement authorities and a central notice has been announced.

An autopsy was performed on the deceased at the Institute of Forensic Medicine and Geontology on Saturday and according to the initial findings, although there were no visible injuries, he suffered a violent death and it occurred as a result of brain injuries caused by the blows.

The criminal event took place on the April 7th, in the early morning hours, in front of a night club in Skopje, when the suspects, after a short verbal argument, attacked the now deceased Croatian citizen and gave him several punches and kicks. The deceased fell from the blows and hit the asphalt with the back of his head and lost consciousness. The three suspects continued to hit him on the head, and then, without helping him, left the scene. A person employed in the night club called an ambulance, after which the deceased was transferred to the Emergency Center at the “Mother Teresa” Clinic Center. According to the information received by the doctors who received the now deceased, the person had cardiac arrest, massive swelling of the brain, severed tongue and high body temperature. After the reception, he was put on a respirator and was in a life-threatening condition, and the next day, despite the attempts for resuscitation, he died.

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