Bytyqi: There will be salary adjustment, but we should all be aware of the situation we are in


The general strike has obviously started, unfortunately I think that SONK did not give enough chance to the negotiations. “Despite several attempts to negotiate, they still called for a strike, said Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Fatmir Bytyqi in an interview with the “Morning Briefing” political show.

The minister believes that in some regions the strike is partial because somewhere the mayors themselves called for the educational process to continue because children should be a priority, and for everything else, he said, a solution is on the table.

“SONK and KSS were included in the Economic and Social Council, although they are not representative unions. In the negotiations for the minimum wage, we agreed that the harmonization will be done within six months, but still, only three days later, they announced that there will be a strike on April 11,” said Bytyqi.

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